Dianne Linderman

serial entreprenure, Chef and co founder of great american entertainment Company.

When I was 14 years old, I used to ride my bike down the beach road a few times a week to the famous Ventura California thrift stores to search for treasures. Fast forward a couple years to when I was 16 years old. I started buying and selling Vintage Cars, and landed a beautiful 1960 Mercedez Diesel.  I was a high school trend setter, always wearing vintage wool navy pants and Ralph Lauren style shirts and sweaters.  Every Saturday, I would make my way with my Collie dog at my side, to the Santa Barbara Swap meet where all of the young collage students would have some of the best treasures and merchandise that I had ever seen for pennies on the dollar. I was in a junk lovers heaven. When I was 17, I opened my own storefront in the old town Ventura, where i finally had an outlet for all the unreal treasures I had acquired over the past few years.

Once you are a treasure hunter the burning need to hunt never leaves you.  I met my husband David when I was 21 years old, and the moment I found out that he was even more of a crazed hunter of old cars and great deals, I knew I met my match, and my soul mate. Fast forward to 2018, we moved from Venture Ca, to Oregon, to back to Texas, where I was born.  I love Texas and all of its freedoms.  The Junk Bug has never left me and the burning desire to have another outlet has landed us a tiny yet adorable little house across the street from Lake Granbury Texas and across from the Hilton Hotel.  We just had to name it, “ The Texas Junk Company”.  The funniest part, is that there is no real junk!  All of our merchandise is repurposed, some are our original creations, as well as vintage and antique items.  What fun!  Join us! 

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